Property, the forging of Francoism and collective memory


Authors: Miguel Ángel del Arco Blanco, Peter Anderson

Source: International Journal of Iberian Studies, Volume 30, Number 2, 1 June 2017, pp. 73-92(20)

Publisher: Intellect

The mass confiscation of property by Francoists during and after the Spanish Civil War of 1936–39 stands out as one of the most testing issues in Spain’s tortuous recent past. This article explains popular participation in the seizuraes. It also seeks to overcome the divorce in the historiography between Francoist and Republican confiscations and between the history of the seizures and their collective memory. It further shows that historians struggle to bring the seizure into the public sphere because of obstacles created in particular by the reluctance of those controlling the Spanish state to confront this dark past.


Keywords: Fascim; Francoism; collective memory; confiscation; confiscation; property; repression